The CEO of JPMorgan Chase says that all crypto-currencies will be controlled by the government

Today, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, has spoken out about crypto-currencies at the conference JPMorgan Health Care in San Francisco. He was very pessimistic about the viability of these currencies and decentralized predicted that all crypto-currencies will eventually become the currency the trustees or controlled by the government.


Jamie Dimon is pessimistic about the long-term future of crypto-currencies

Jamie Dimon has said that it is unlikely that all crypto-currencies reach a global adoption and conventional, claiming that the governments of the world do not allow. Instead, Dimon thinks that the only digital currencies will be a widespread adoption and routine use in the way of foreign exchange regulations will be currency backed by a government. At the conference, when asked how he saw the long-term future of the underground economy of crypto-currencies, here is what was said by Jamie Dimon so pessimistic : “there is no government that will support over a long period of time the presence of a currency not controlled. “

Bank and Bitcoin/Source : Echeck

Yes for the technology Blockchain, but not for crypto-currencies

The argument of Dimon is that the technology Blockchain will grow and will be used extensively, but that the decentralized nature of crypto-currencies will not last, adding : “The technology Blockchain will be fine and well used. It can be used to circulate the currency, but it will be only us$. “In September 2017, at a banking conference, Dimon called Bitcoin “fraud” and stated that it dismisses any employee of JPMorgan, which will carry out transactions in crypto-currencies on the accounts of the company. It is important to note that in 2017, several governments around the world have announced that they intend to set up a crypto-currency. Others, such as Venezuela, have already done so.

Source : Cointelegraph