The chinese authorities unveil a ranking of the best networks BlockChain

The chinese ministry of Industry and information Technology has published a ranking of the best networks BlockChain, this Thursday, may 17. However, it is Ethereum, which is placed in the first position.

A ranking surprising

According to the chinese authorities, Ethereum is without doubt the best network BlockChain in the world. And Bitcoin is only in thirteenth position, which may seem surprising to many investors. However, this classification is very serious, and takes into account many criteria. This document is absolutely not due to a coincidence !

4/ Detailed scores of the first crypto ratings by CCID Research, China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology

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To classify the different networks BlockChain, the chinese ministry has taken into account three types of information. First of all, the technology is paramount. Then comes the innovative character of the latter, and finally the applications of the technology. After taking into account these three criteria, it is so Ethereum that comes out first. We then find the Steem, Lisk, NEO and Komodo. These networks all have one thing in common : that of allowing the processing of information in a secure manner and above all decentralised.

Interesting results

Several financial analysts have looked on this ranking. However, they are sometimes surprised to see the Bitcoin arrive in thirteenth position. But the presence of Steem in the top 5 networks BlockChain is also amazing, because this is not a platform in the same way as the other. In fact, it is a content distribution platform that does not offer developers the ability to create decentralized applications.

China ranks Ethereum as the #1 blockchain. Bitcoin is ranked at #13, same as Cock.

But when year organization says bitcoin is in the same ranking as Rod, and you know sti highly itself.

— Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) May 17, 2018

Similarly, the place of the Monero to the ninth place raises several questions as to the quality and reliability of this classification. However, the chinese authorities claim that this study is very objective. It would have been achieved by the China Center for Information Industry Development, an institute that works in close collaboration with the government to regulate new technologies.

The results of this classification are interesting and allow us to identify the networks BlockChain the most influential of the time.

Source : NCC