The Chinese may soon be able to do it again for the trading of Bitcoin

The 19th national Congress of the chinese communist Party, the most important conference in China this year, was completed on 24 October. At the end of the conference, some of the regulations and policies temporary were cancelled. Among them, the law on the closure of the market of Bitcoin in China may also be waived.

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The government will he flip-flopping ?

Last weekend,, a new platform of exchange for crypto-currencies, announced that all of the features of negotiation will be available from the 1st of November. Users can register for an account and make deposits now. The platform claims that any user around the world, including those who live in China, can achieve transactions on the platform. The languages available on the site are chinese and English. However, it is too early to say that the regulations regarding Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies is invalidated. It may be that the platform will soon be closed by the government. However, there are also people who say that it is the chinese government that is behind this new platform.

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The off-line transactions are becoming popular after the regulatory

For the moment, nobody knows exactly what will happen after the 1st of November. This is good news if traders chinese Bitcoin can operate more easily. Since the closure of the trading platforms in China, people have started to exchange Bitcoin via Taobao, which is chinese version of eBay that belongs to a conglomerate, composed by the group Alibaba, the group: and the QQ group. The off-line transactions became popular with traders chinese Bitcoin.

Source : Cointelegraph