The chinese police abruptly interrupted an event related to the technology BlockChain

China is struggling to take a position vis-à-vis the crypto-currencies, and more broadly the technology BlockChain. Yet, investors are numerous, and in the corporate interest. This does not please the government, the evidence with this police intervention particularly muscular.

A craze without precedent

Despite the reluctance of the chinese authorities, lots of companies want to work in the area of crypto-currencies. The sector is growing, and the country is well positioned to accommodate the projects and start-ups. But, until now, chinese firms tended to continue their development by going abroad to find new customers.

Pixabay – Stux / police in china have put an end to the event that will bring together 150 companies.

Up to this day, the government’s acceptance of the events and meetings in connection with this sector of activity. But, at the second summit of the global Fintech and BlockChain in China, which took place this 10 April, the police intervened. The pretext ? Public safety was at stake…

Intervention is impressive

Each event concerning the technology BlockChain must be reported to the local police station. The organisers have every detail, to know the number of guests, security measures, the persons present (especially if there are foreign), etc., The measures are so restrictive and particularly binding. But generally, when they are met, the event takes place without a problem. This was not the case this time.

Pixabay – Geralt / The position of China vis-à-vis the technology BlockChain is not clear.

One imagines, therefore, that it is a turning point for China, which is committed this time against the crypto-currencies. The meeting was held at the Hilton hotel in Shanghai, and 150 companies of the ecosystem BlockChain were met. The police intervened early in the morning, around 8: 30 p.m., immediately putting an end to the event. A business that makes a lot of noise in the area of crypto-assets, some are asking, if this time, China is not going to permanently ban crypto-currencies.

Source : CoinDesk