The citizens of Zimbabwe use the Bitcoin for access to international markets

According to Yeuki Kusangaya of Golix, a market exchange of Bitcoin is based in Zimbabwe, more Zimbabweans adopt the Bitcoin as a means of access to a variety of international markets. The growing popularity of Bitcoin, combined with substantial liquidity problems led to a strong price inflation in the country. In fact, a Bitcoin is currently trading for about 9900 $ Golix.


A recors inevitable in Bitcoin

Yeuki Kusangaya, a representative of Golix, has expressed his opinion on the growing adoption of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe. Golix has been renamed BitFinance the 1st of October last. This decision was motivated by the belief of the society that ” the Bitcoin will not be the only digital currency that will succeed to impose “, according to Tawanda Kembo, CEO of Golix. Ms. Kasangaya has recently stated in local media that ” the general trend shows an increase of the interest “, describing the phenomenon as ” the trajectory of normal growth of most of the innovations “. Still according to Ms. Kasangaya, this is due in large part to the financial crisis caused by the liquidity shortage and the hyperinflation that paralyzed a large part of the zimbabwean economy.


In Zimbabwe, ” the Bitcoin has reached its peak “

Ms. Kasangaya also stated that zimbabweans are adopting the Bitcoin to access a variety of international markets. “Some use it to pay for services provided outside of the country, such as the software. Others use it to import a car, ” says Ms. Kasangaya. In Zimbabwe, the interest in Bitcoin has reached its peak, because people can’t send money or pay for international transactions using bank formal. The people had to look for alternatives, and Bitcoin has proven to be a useful solution that can be used to purchase products from the online shopping sites that accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Source : News.Bitcoin