The city of Berkeley, California, plans to launch an ICO

The city famous for its radicalism in the 1960s, Berkeley, California, is again at the centre of discussions. Silent for a few years, the arrival of Donald Trump has awakened the spirits, while a part of the city is contesting the politics of the new american president. A tool of resistance to the study is a ICO. Berkeley is also considering creating its own crypto-currency.

In defiance of the administration Trump, Berkeley wants to develop in the crypto-currencies

Ben Bartlett, a member of the city council of Berkeley, has pointed out that the city is a centre of the resistance, and for that, it must have its own crypto-currency. The resistance of which he spoke relates to the administration Trump. The american president is not very popular in this part of the United States, where this resistance to the policy put in place by the government.

Check out below the details of this announcement :

The digital currency would be first of all considered as an asset used by the municipality, in order to promote an ICO to fund the shelter for the homeless of the city. Mr. Bartlett explained that the situation for these people is very difficult and that they seek all means to help them find affordable housing. Mr. Bartlett has managed to convince the mayor of the city, with many arguments, including the fear of the repression of the immigration bill or important tax. The city will partner with Neighborly for the realization of this project.

An initiative surprising

Known for its trends in radical politics since the 1960s, the city is made up of different people with different life conditions. For communities with progressives like these, the federal government has always been a political tool that she could use. In areas such as civil rights, a federal law, hardy was considered to be ideal for the protection of citizens.

Other experts have warned about the manner in which the empowerment of the federal government has had an impact on the economy of local communities. The integration of crypto-currencies in the city would be another way to work around this authority.

Source : NewsBitcoin