The city of New York wants to be present on the mining market of Bitcoin

Attention in Canada ! New York wants to be present on the mining market of Bitcoin, in order to ensure that its residents ‘ income and employment. The mining of bitcoins could even help revive the local economies that depended on ever since dirty industries.

If you missed this news, you can see below a video detailing these facts :

The north end of New York to develop the mining facility

The New York Power Authority has approved the grant of 15,000 kilowatts of hydroelectric power to a new mining company, pending the signing of a contract by a year. Coinmit, which currently operates a mining of Bitcoins to Plattsburgh, predicts that the market of crypto-currencies will continue to grow in the coming years in the world. The company seeks to expand its activities by launching a second installation.

Source : Pixabay. The city of New York wants to develop in the mining of crypto-currencies.

According to authority new york, the allocation of energy would allow an investment of $ 165 million and the creation of 150 new jobs. The plan will include the renovation of a former metal smelter in Massena, as well as the installation of 180 000 systems of mining. Once completed and fully operational, the North Country Data Center Corp (NCDC) is expected to manage 15 % of the global digital currency.

A reliable energy source, but it’s affordable

According to a report produced by a chain of local TV, the main reason why this society of mining bitcoins is coming in the region, is that it can provide cheap electricity, and reliable. The New York Power Authority is seeking to take advantage of the potential of hydropower to improve the local economy.

The new mining facility is expected to operate 24 hours on 24 and NCDC indicates that it will hire 75 full-time employees by 2018 and 75 in 2019. The job would include the security personnel, technicians, IT, electricians, fitters and operational staff. The average salary offered by the company is 46 000 dollars.

Source : NewsBitcoin