The CME group could launch futures contracts on the Bitcoin in the month of September

Since Chicago Mercantille Excchange (CME) has announced that it lacerait of futures contracts on the Bitcoin, the question that has been on the lips has been ” when ? “. Today, the head of the CME group, Terry Duffy, has given an answer to this question. In fact, the largest market in options and futures contracts in the world should allow, by the half of the month of December, the trading of Bitcoins.


An offer not so easy to implement

In an interview on CNBC, the ceo of the CME group, Terry Dufy, has revealed that the futures contracts should be prepared and has expressed his opinion regarding the recent volatility which has been submitted. “I think in the second week of December, the new option should be available,” he said. However, there have been a few twists and turns before the decision is made. On October 31, the CME group announced that it would allow futures contracts to Bitcoin, prompting speculation unrestrained. A week later, the CME group has released further details, stating that the Bitcoin would be traded in increments of $ 25 and that his swing would not exceed $ 20 the previous settlement price. Thus, if the futures contracts had been concluded last week, while the Bitcoin has dropped by 30 %, the negotiations would have been forced to stop temporarily.


A chain reaction

The arrival of the futures contracts of Bitcoins offered by CME, signalling a new step towards the widespread adoption, rots prove to be a boon for investors in all sectors. Traditional equities have benefited from the rebound in the value of Bitcoin. The computer company Nvidia, for example, during the first six months of the year, has seen its shares jump by 50 %, which currently trade around $ 213.

Source : News.Bitcoin