The co-founder of Apple, said that the Bitcoin is better than gold

The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, on the Bitcoin, arguing that the crypto-currency could become the best asset. He added that its value may even exceed that of gold or the u.s. dollar. He explained that the Bitcoin is more stable and less subject to arbitrary changes of the offer.

During the event Money 20/20, which was held in Las Vegas, Steve Wozniak gave an interview to CNBC. He took advantage of this opportunity to sing the praises of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. The limited amount of Bitcoin that makes him a valuable asset, he added.

Read below the excerpt of this interview :

A very rare

The rarity is synonymous with value. According to Wozniak, the Bitcoin is available in limited quantities. Unlike the u.s. dollar or any other fiat currency, the Bitcoin may not be reprinted according to the needs of banks. In addition, nobody knows exactly how much gold there is in the world. Wozniak has confirmed that the Bitcoin is more authentic and real.

Moreover, since several months already that there is an increase in the price of Bitcoin. There are only a few days, it has reached its highest level, nearly 6,000 dollars. Currently, prices have stabilized to around 5 500 dollars. He said that investors can expect that this digital currency continues to demonstrate his true potential.

The Bitcoin an alternative to gold

Given the potential of this crypto-currency, many experts, as Wozniak predict that the Bitcoin could eventually replace gold as a standard of monetary value. He indicated that it is more simple to analyze the evolution of the market of Bitcoin as gold.

According to Wozniak, the Bitcoin is much more stable. Although it is subject to fluctuations of value, this digital currency is not the only one to suffer such volatility.

Source : Futurism