The company Icecat launches its crypto-currency ICURY

The publicly listed company, Icecat, created in 2009, has just announced the launch of its crypto-currency 2.0 ICURY. A new and significant which proves that the company has a lot of ambition ! The evidence with

What is the ICURY ?

This Dutch company sells a catalog of Open Source products for e-commerce players in the world. In fact, its reputation is no longer to prove, since among its 68 000 customers include Philips, Sony, Samsung, HP, P&G, Lego, or L’orĂ©al. To further develop its offer and to impose its know-how, Icecat wishes to launch his own crypto-currency. The ICURY, that is to say, Icecat CryptocURency, will be a cryptotolen accepted by Icecat. This virtual currency available on will play which role in the payment and in the creation of product content within the existing platform. It is, therefore, a currency 2.0 issued by a solid company, aiming to decentralize the existing network of content creation product.

What will the ICURY ?

Icecat currently allows the download of 18 billion cards produced each year by more than 10,000 companies that specialise in e-commerce. In addition, the Dutch company produces about 1 million cards produced every year. The crypto-currency ICURY to pay for the services, it will encourage the decentralization of content creation product. This mode of decentralised operation will professionalize the supply and control the quality of the content. Thanks to these technologies, Icecat hope an annual production of 10 million records per year.

Currently, Icecat works in collaboration with the team of blockchain Tacxe/Ledgable to develop the ICURY as quickly as possible. For the moment, this is only a draft, and the company is hoping to very quickly be able to move forward on this sensitive issue. Within a few weeks normally, the schedule for the ICO will be announced by the company. Follow !