The company MasterCard is ready to embark on the adventure of crypto-currencies

The giant world of credit cards plans to take part in the adventure of crypto-currencies. In effect, the spokesperson announced that the company MasterCard was ready to support the digital currencies backed by governments.

Restrictive conditions

The credit card companies are very discrete and cautious with regard to crypto-currencies. However, MasterCard has just made a step forward since the payment service provider said that it would probably be possible soon to use his credit card to pay with crypto-currency. However, several conditions will be imposed to the customer.

Pixabay – TatuTati / The company MasterCard could soon accept under certain conditions the payments in digital currencies.

In fact, the giant credit card announced that it was prepared to consider the support of digital currencies. But this decision relates only to the crypto-currencies backed by governments. Thus, the digital assets, decentralized will not be supported. There must, therefore, imperative that these virtual currencies are issued by a central bank to be usable with a MasterCard.

An important decision

Ari Sarker, co-president of the society of MasterCard in Asia and the Pacific, is out of the silence to explain himself on this very important decision : “If some governments were planning to create a digital currency with national, we would be very pleased to examine it with the greatest attention. As long as it is supported by a regulatory body […] and that it is not anonymous, it meets the regulatory requirements. I think it would be, for us, very interesting to study. “

Pixabay – AKuptsova / digital currencies accepted by MasterCard will be those issued by central banks.

For the moment, many governments fear that these crypto-currencies that are synonymous with anonymity and dangers for investors. But several countries are considering setting up a digital currency, as in Russia with the CryptoRouble. However, it is far from being the case everywhere, three big u.s. banks that have decided to forbid their customers to use their credit cards to buy the crypto-currency.

The company MasterCard could therefore be tempted by some crypto-currencies, but caution is warranted and no decision has been officially taken on this day.

Source : CryptoVest