The crypto-currencies are a rare commodity, which confirm that the current investors

The crypto-currencies are currencies increasingly rare. Moreover, the crypto-currency is the most known in the world, the Bitcoin, has reached a new record. The price of this virtual currency is now around $ 8,000. Moreover, investors are increasingly turning to other crypto-currencies. There are currently various types of digital currencies, including Litecoin and Monero.

The crypto-currencies offer some advantages, such as low fees, and use decentralized. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of many start-ups specialized in the trade of crypto-currencies. This has also contributed to the development of enterprises for mining of virtual currency.

The principle of the mining of crypto-currencies

Generally, there are two ways to get digital currency. First of all, an investor can buy the units through a business exchange. On the other hand, it can also participate in the mining of crypto-currencies. The miners secure the network of crypto-currencies. They then receive new emissions of currency for transaction verification, which will be recorded on the Blockchain.


The miners are running software that usually requires a special hardware, such as asic chips, designed for the extraction of Bitcoin. Computers ensure the resolution of difficult mathematical problems. Traditional investors are turning to this technology very cost-effective. Moreover, the volatility of this market, worrying some leaders and governments. The example of China, which has recently banned the use of crypto-currencies. Moreover, in this country, it is always possible to undermine the digital currency.

The price of Bitcoin reaches a new record

The value of Bitcoin often depends on the application. Also, during this weekend, the price has reached 9 800$. The market of crypto-currencies in general is very volatile. If the Bitcoin reaches a value of four digits, this is not the case with other digital currencies, such as Monero.



The positions of the governments and the interest of the users have an impact on the evolution of the price of the virtual currency.

Source : CBC