The crypto-currencies are now worth more expensive than Amazon

The market capitalization of crypto-currencies has exceeded $ 600 billion over the course of the weekend. Thus, the combined value of all the crypto-currency exceeds that of the giant of online commerce Amazon.

An increase of 36 % in a week

It is clear that the introduction of futures contracts of Bitcoin on the markets regulated us CBOE and the CME, as expected, facilitated a full recovery of the market of crypto-currencies. It is important to note that not later than the last week, the market capitalization of crypto-currencies has reached $ 440 billion after that CBOE has launched the first futures contracts regulated. This represents a gain of $ 100 billion over seven days. It is a feat to be surprising, but the speed of the rise of this weekend has been even more meteoric. In effect, the market capitalization of crypto-currencies has risen from $ 160 billion, an increase of 36 %. This is a new historic peak, which allows the market capitalization of crypto-currencies to exceed $ 600 billion, so that, at the end of November, the market capitalization was $ 285 billion.


The crypto-currencies to the onslaught of Apple

At its current level, the ecosystem of crypto-currencies is more valuable than Amazon. As the crypto-currencies, this giant of the e-commerce, which is now worth nearly of $ 568 billion has experienced a remarkable growth since the beginning of the year. However, the 60% increase has been overshadowed by the explosion of 3 400 % of the market capitalization of crypto-currencies. In order to relativize the success of crypto-currencies, it should be noted the fact that Amazon is a company, then that crypto-currencies represent a class of assets.

Finally, if market growth continues, it is likely that the ecosystem of crypto-currencies reaches the first bar of 1 000 billion dollars, before Apple, whose market capitalization is of 893 billion dollars.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews