The crypto-currencies are the most promising in 2018

The crypto-currencies are the most promising in 2018

You have decided to invest in a crypto-currency, but you do not know which to choose. So we decided to provide you with a guide to show you the best crypto-currencies of 2018. In this ranking, we wanted to give you crypto-currencies really strong and should not allow you to make big profits, but also of the crypto-currencies very promising but which are necessarily a little more risk.

1. The Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is the currency most known, and for good reason. The Bitcoin has preceded all of the other crypto-currencies. His amazing breakthrough at the end of 2017 has proven to investors that it is more than ever time to buy crypto-currencies. It is simply a must.


2. Ethereum

Second in the list, the well-known Ethereum has confounded the predictions coming from compete with Bitcoin directly on his land. It is the currency most stable and the one making the most progress these last few months. You must buy now because the price will quickly become prohibitive.


3. The Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin but in version scalable (adaptable to users). Based on the P2P and completely decentralized, that currency seduces those who like Bitcoin but are more sensitive to the moral implications. The Bitcoin Cash has increased constantly since its creation.


4. The Ripple

Logo crypto-monnaie Ripple

The Ripple may be the currency of the future that will appeal to the institutions. It has already attracted the attention of banks, and its system of data-sharing, innovative continues to find favor of investors. It is a crypto very strong, but climbing fast : it is necessary not to delay in purchasing.


5. The Dash

Crypto-monnaie Dash logoThe Dash (Digital Cash) is intended to emulate the functioning of the cash. That is to say, to be simple to exchange, quick, and completely anonymous. This currency, therefore, has unsurprisingly risen in recent months, despite an initially rather cautious. Some predict that it outcompetes other major currencies.


6. The Litecoin

The Litecoin, it is a bit like Bitcoin but lighter. It is therefore part of currencies the most popular of the moment, because it offers an alternative to the very expensive (and very slow) Bitcoin. Case to follow.


7. Ethereum Classic

Logo Ethereum Classic crypto-monnaieThis is the original version of the Ethereum. Ethereum Classic figure since a very long time in the top rankings of cryptomonnaies. The people who invested (before the fork) have already reaped the fruits of their purchase, it is necessary, therefore, to buy without waiting.


8. The Cardano

Logo crypto-monnaie Cardano (ADA)Cardano seduced, as this currency has been developed by researchers and is based on research to be accurate (unlike other currencies). Discrete early 2018, it is actually a lot about it these last few months. It should continue to climb gently.


9. The Stellar

Crypto-monnaie Stellar Lumens XLMThe Stellar has already created all of its parts, so that it is not possible for the miner. The advantage of this is that the coins keep their value, even the ones that have been distributed free of charge at the beginning. This is the other challenger, who climbs in recent times.


10. The EOS

The EOS is a platform for application first of all, with a cryptomonnaie that supports the project. It remains for the moment quite low, but it is very promising, therefore, there is no better time to invest.


11. The NEO

Neo crypto monnaie logoRegarded as the” Ethereum chinese “, the NEO is a currency that is gaining more and more popularity since it has received the approval of the chinese government. When we know the financial burden of this country, one can guess that its progress will be rapid.


What is the best site to buy from?

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Safe values

What are the currencies on which you can invest without any problem.

  • The bitcoin is obviously the reference of crypto-currencies. It has a value that remains stable and very strong market presence. However, this is not the crypto-currency that will allow you to make big profits, but it represents a secure investment that may be worthwhile in the long term.
  • Ethereum is also a coin managed to get in a good place in the market. A large number of projects are launched via the ethereum, which is that this is a safe value that will not lose value as the market of the crypto-currency will still be held.
  • The litecoin is an improved version of bitcoin. Even if it didn’t work as one might hope, it remains one of the crypto-currencies are the most interesting. Its operation is similar to that of bitcoin and remains just as stable.
  • The monero is a currency based on the privacy that allows you to make payments anonymous. She manages to continue its development, thanks to the support of its community which is one of the most active and faithful. Like other values “safe”, it is a crypto-currency very stable.
  • Finally, the ripple is a crypto-currency is a bit special, because it manages to perfectly integrate into the banking system. However, if you want to invest in ripple, we advise you to do so quickly, because it is still in the ascending phase.


The outsiders

What are the currencies to be reliable, but that do not have the will and the stability to safe values.

  • The dash is a currency also very interesting, which is intended to be an alternative decentralized to cash.
  • The Nem also offers arguments interesting. It is in fact a crypto-currency decentralized, which runs on Java. His interest is that the blockchain is validated by the system of proof-of-importance, which means that the more you contribute to its development, the more you have an advantage.
  • The stratis is another currency interesting which relates more to the use of the blockchain for business services.
  • Ethereum classic is a variant of the nefarious ethereum. It is a currency that is less powerful than ethereum, because it is latest arrival on the market.
  • Finally, the bytecoin is a derivative of bitcoin that focuses on the anonymity. It is also a crypto-currency very stable.

The new settlers

These are crypto-currencies that have just arrived or will arrive soon. They have so much to prove, but they have an interesting potential.

  • The Golem is a project that allows you to be rewarded by letting use the space of CPU that you do not need. However, the project is still in the development stage and thus yet to be proven.
  • The Sonm functions in a manner similar to that of the Golem. However, this is a project which should offer a power even more important. The Sonm has so far not been able to make a real place on the market and his value is at its lowest. But she has all the assets to provide surge dramatically in the next few months.
  • The BAT is another crypto-currency interesting to follow. It concerns a project attractive, consisting of a browser that would generate a bigger attention of the users on the advertisements. The project is led by the people who created Mozilla Firefox.
  • The Bancor is a crypto-currency succeeded in raising $ 153 million in three hours. This shows the potential of this crypto-currency and the expectation that it may elicit. In addition, given that they have raised 150 000 ETH more than what was expected, the Bancor is assured to keep a price of 0.1 ETH for several months.
  • The EOS is a crypto-currency that seems to be the main competitor to ethereum. It is indeed a functioning system similar to ethereum but with a greater scalability.
  • The Waves is a platform blockchain that is used to facilitate loyalty. It is totally transparent and decentralized. In addition, it has a huge potential. For proof, Burger King has used Waves to launch its loyalty program.
  • The Steem is another crypto-currency that will need to be monitored in the future. It is a currency obtained by posting and commenting on the platform Steemit. This platform was launched in march 2016 and already has 350,000 users.
  • The Qtum is another crypto-currency close enough to ethereum. It is regarded as the ethereum chinese, but its great strength is to bet on a great respect for the environment by proposing an operation less greedy in energy.
  • The Tezos is a crypto-currency that allows anonymous transactions, but it is also possible to use Tezos to create decentralized applications. In addition, Tezos is one of the current projects, the most supported with a fund raising of $ 230 million.
  • Finally, the Unity Ingot is the last of these crypto-currencies to monitor. It is a crypto-currency primarily based on the mining. It enables us to fund the mining of a very large variety of crypto-currencies. This fact that changes its value will be close to the evolution of the value of crypto-currencies in general.

What you must remember

  • The safe values are crypto-currencies that you can invest in taking the least risk possible.
  • The outsiders are crypto-currencies that are not expected to know the problems and who are investment relatively safe.
  • Finally, new entrants are crypto-currencies, the more recent need to prove themselves. However, they all have interesting potential. They still represent an investment more risky.