The crypto-currencies can wreak havoc on the video gaming industry in South-East Asia

The mobile gaming market is developing more and more. In 2017, to 1.14 billion players are expected to generate approximately 51.2 billion dollars of sales turnover. Publishers of mobile games in Southeast Asia are very popular, thanks in particular to the growing development of mobile. Even if the game industry is experiencing a positive growth, it is facing some problems.

Today, the publishers of the games have difficulties to get funding and to have the resources to launch new games. The crypto-currencies can transform the way payments are made, ” says Kin-Wai Lau, CEO of iCandy Interactive.

The crypto-currencies as the means of financing

Nitro is a new technology based on the Blockchain. It is primarily intended to democratize the gaming industry by facilitating the participation of users in the development of video games. Game publishers promising may have access to other financing options using this technology.

Furthermore, these publishers will also have the opportunity to interact with the players. Through this interaction, developers can improve the quality of the games produced. The publishers and the players will be able to understand the benefits that such technology offers.

Nitro, a digital currency based on the technology of Ethereum

Nitro is based on the technology of Ethereum. It will enable the holders of tokens to participate in the economy of video games, choosing the new games that they want to finance. Through their platform, it is possible to interact with the game producers, through the use of tokens NOX. Currently, there are nearly 60 million of NOX available.

Nitro is the first crypto-currency based on the blockchain. The collaboration with iCandy Interactive Limited has resulted in the completion of this project. The CEO of the group believes that the project Nitro will bring an important change in the video games industry. A great way to develop this sector, ” he adds.

Source : Forbes