The crypto-currencies have a small renewed strength

After the earthquake of last week, the quiet seems to find his place in the world of crypto-currencies. As a reminder, the people’s Bank of China or PBOC had restricted the users of bitcoin as well as Ethereum with many penalties. These restrictions were intended among other things to prohibit the Initial Corner Offering or ICO. It was a set decision that has been tumbling down the value of crypto-currencies. However, the calm seems to be back and the crypto-currencies get a bit of their value since they have been the subject of renewed buying. Many investors see a great opportunity in the fall of the prices of these and thus made the purchase.

A major drop in the virtual currency since the month of June

This fall which has precipitated the virtual currencies bitcoin and Ethereum is the result of the statement issued by the president of the FED’s Janet Yallen, who had stated that the central bank wants to lighten its balance sheet. This statement was like a blow to the users of bitcoin and Ethereum, a decision that has caused them to lose 40% of the value of a currency bitcoin, and more than 50% for Ethereum. A devaluation which could have been fatal to these two currencies and they do not rely yet in spite of a small boost of strength by buying them through investors.

A market still fragile

The meeting on the monetary policy of the federal Reserve of the United States, or FED, will be decisive for the future of the crypto-currency. In fact, next dollar, these two forms of currencies are heavily influenced by the market, as well as the monetary policy of the United States. The decision of the president of the Fed at this meeting will be, therefore, crucial, because it will impact on the price of the u.s. dollar and, of course, on the crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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