The crypto-currencies they are at the origin of the death of some people ?

Bill Gates has decided to talk about crypto-currencies on Reddit. He stated that these last are the cause of the death of some people. A statement that elicited a lot of reactions.

A declaration controversy

Bill Gates does not seem to really love crypto-currencies. The founder of Microsoft does not mince his words, and accused the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all the digital currencies to ” cause the death of people “. We had however the impression, until now, he stood for virtual currencies. But the powerful business man would have eventually changed his mind.

Twitter – Bill Gates / founder of Microsoft says that crypto-currencies are dangerous.

In fact, Bill Gates said during a question and answer session on Reddit the following : “The main feature of crypto-currencies is anonymity. I don’t think this is a good thing. The ability of governments to root out money laundering, tax evasion and terrorist funding is a good thing. “

It was therefore well understood that it was not a big fan of digital currencies. But this is not all, as he added : “Currently, the crypto-currencies are used for purchase of fentanyl and other drugs, so it is a technology that causes dead quite directly. “

And if it was true ?

After this announcement, many users have complained that he has to do shortcuts too fast. But the Bitcoin is it real responsible of the deaths of some people ?

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / The Bitcoin would it really be to the cause of death of some people ? Bill Gates seems to be convinced.

Well, one might think that Bill Gates was finally not completely wrong. Indeed, crypto-currencies can facilitate certain transactions guarantees of anonymity. The exchange platforms are a great opportunity for those who have bad intentions to avoid the control of authorities.

It seems, however, that the statements of Bill Gates to be a little excessive. Without a doubt, was this a way of preventing some users of the danger linked to some crypto-currencies ?

Source : PhoneAndroid