The crypto-currency landed on the online casinos

Today, there are crypto-currencies a little everywhere on the web, whether for trading, make online purchases, or even recently, playing on the online casinos. In fact, during the first quarter of the year 2017, nothing that gains on Bitcoin reached approximately 150 TBC, or nearly 77 000 € on online casinos.

The crypto-currencies are-they become the new attraction for lovers of online games ? Difficult to say 100% of the time. But still is it that we notice more interest around these new payment methods in the industry of eGaming. In fact, the number of specialized platforms continues to increase. And for good reason, the crypto-currencies offer some of the benefits of which we can’t benefit by using the currency traditional.

Why crypto-currencies are adapted to the online casinos

The online gaming sites try to accept the greatest number of methods of payment possible in order to facilitate the task to their members in regards to deposits and withdrawals. But there are not the currencies of the classics that has been accepted for some time in the sections “payment”. For info, these sections on the online casinos are similar to the function Cashier Web app PokerStars, that is to say that from there, we can do banking transactions in a secure manner (deposits and withdrawals). Payment methods offered generally vary depending on facilities, but some are specialized in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin or even the Dash.

Payment methods offered generally vary depending on facilities, but some are specialized in crypto-currencies. No motto classic is not accepted, which demonstrates the magnitude of the phenomenon Ethereum and the impact of other currencies yet.

The reasons for this popularity are quite simple. Already, the crypto-currencies are compatible with the online casinos because they evolve in the same universe, namely that of the virtual. In addition, they can be managed only from an electronic system to be protected, which has the advantage of constituting a security guarantee for the financial transactions(withdrawal or deposit). But most importantly, these virtual currencies have an independence that may not have the currencies classics, since they do not depend on bank. In addition, there is more risk of limitations by the bank, the more of a failure of payment, and even less risk of you denied access to an online casino because a banker doesn’t trust you. The player may as well have his money as he pleases. But this “independent” virtual currencies is not without disadvantage. It is found that the fact that they are volatile, the crypto-currencies are somewhat fragile. Nevertheless, the system is very secure.

Withdrawals and deposits with virtual currencies

Payments with the crypto-currencies are discrete and quick. In addition, they can be done on any gaming site, no matter whether you access from a mobile device or a laptop computer. As we said previously, this mode of payment does not depend on any bank. The advantage with the transactions, that is, that there is no processing time. Any payment which is received instantly. In addition, the costs are very minimal, not to say that they are almost non-existent, especially as you will have at most a few cents to pay. Level security, outside of some risks to light, the transactions are protected from theft.

The crypto-currencies are one of the methods of payment preferred by some players of online casinos, especially for their discretion as well as their speed. According to some reviews, these virtual currency could represent the future of the online betting industry in terms of means of payment. A day will come in which the crypto-currency will become the currency par excellence on the online gaming sites? It remains to be seen.