The cyber unit of the SEC intends to fight against offences involving ICO

At the beginning of the month of October, the committee of investors, the SEC, the u.s. federal agency of regulation and supervision of financial markets, met to discuss the implications of the ICO on the laws on federal securities. Now, the SEC has decided to create a “cyber-unit” to combat online threats and protect individual investors. “The United States do is follow the current trend of the financial authorities throughout the world who try to frame the ICO.

Reduce the risk to encourage the ICO

The financial regulatory bodies in the United States continue to investigate the legal violations involving the ICO. At present, the market of the ICO has so far gathered $ 2.3 billion, with a large majority of transactions arising from the network Ethereum. The cyber unit of the SEC will review the programs of market manipulation conducted with the regulations related to ICO. In addition, this unit will probe all the crimes committed using the “dark web” and other cyber security threats. According to the SEC, this structure has been created for the implementation of ” programs of surveillance of risk “. “The threats and risks related to cyber-crime are among the biggest concerns facing investors,” says the co-director of the operational Division of the SEC, Stephanie Avakian. “The cyber-unit will enhance our capacity to detect and investigate cyber-based threats, with a growing expertise in an area of national importance that criticism,” she added.

A special division to protect investors

The cyber-unit will also include a Retail Strategy Task Force “. This working group will dedicate resources and additional skills to develop strategies to cope with a threat that will affect individual investors. “This special division of the cyber unit will work to better protect our players with the most vulnerable,” said Steven Peikin, co-director of the operational Division of the SEC.