The decentralised market “Airswap” is getting more attention following the crackdown by chinese

After the chinese repression on the ICO and the exchange of crypto-currencies, investors review platforms decentralized to exchange Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. Many of these decentralized markets now earn visibility. “Airswap” is the one that is receiving increasing attention from investors, although it is not yet functional. This will allow anonymous users to market of crypto-currencies in peer-to-peer, without intermediaries or regulators.

Exchanges in peer-to-peer and 100 % anonymous

This is Michael Oved, who has worked for Virtu Financial Inc., who founded Airswap. This market is based on the use of intelligent contracts to allow users to connect and exchange. Thanks to the emerging technology of technology Blockchain based on Ethereum, there is no central authority to monitor the buyers and sellers. Instead, a computer program known as the “contract” smart allows investors to be in the world for the exchange of crypto-currencies. There are no user accounts and identities are hidden, since transactions are only made on the basis of an exchange in peer-to-peer. This means that chinese investors could trade on the platform without that the chinese authorities could not identify them.

Airswap wants to take advantage of the leak of crypto-currencies from China

Airswap intends to attract large institutional investors. Moreover, Oved is particularly interested by traders as DRW Hodings LLC and DV Chain. The reason is that most chinese deals are conducted in a free sale, by means of telegrams of discussion and other channels. Oved mentioned that 60 % to 80 % of exchanges of Bitcoin are held in free sale. However, the decentralized exchange have gaps. They do not conform to the rules anti-money laundering and ” Know-Your-Customer “.This means that anyone could potentially use these platforms without having to provide information on their identities and on the source of their funds.