The Deutsche Börse AG launches the adventure of the crypto-currency

Deutsche Börse AG is the largest undertaking in Germany in the sector of the stock market. However, she decided to turn to technology BlockChain and crypto-currencies. It is the responsible of the relations customers, products and core markets, Jeff Tessler, who officially announced the news during a conference which took place in London.

Futures-backed in Bitcoin

Given this announcement, one might think that the Deutsche Börse AG will propose to the futures-backed in Bitcoin. It is the decision taken by the giants of the american stock exchange CME and CBOE. The decision announced by Jeff Tessler leads one to think that the German company will take the same initiative. The objective is to take advantage of the attractiveness of Bitcoin. The strategy has proved successful across the Atlantic. However, no european stock exchange has crossed the cape. At least until now !

Pixabay – jarmoluk / traditional financial institutions are turning to crypto-currencies.

Jeff Tessler seems to announce to a half-word that Deutsche Börse AG will take part in the adventure : “Before we go any further with assets such as the Bitcoin, we want to ensure that we understand the functioning of the underlying transactions, which is not the easiest thing to do. We currently provide a considerable amount of work in the field. “

A big step for the crypto-currencies

The fact that a traditional financial institution such as Deutsche Börse AG is interested officially in the crypto-currencies is a good news for the sector and for the future of virtual currencies. We remind you that the Deutsche Börse AG is one of the ten largest exchanges in the world. And this is not the first time that the company claims to consider turning to technology BlockChain. In June 2017, we learned already that the services of post-market would be managed through this technology.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / futures contracts backed by the Bitcoin could be offered within a few months.

It is therefore a turning point for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. In fact, the traditional financial institutions are beginning to accept to participate in the adventure of crypto-currencies and the technology BlockChain. What delight investors…

Source : Bloomberg