The difficulties of removal of Bitfinex may have contributed to the rise in the price of Litecoin

Some of the investors of crypto-currencies attribute the recent increase in Litecoin to the withdrawal problems experienced by Bitfinex these days. This hypothesis proposes that their customers have made withdrawals Litecoin with success, has been able to inspire other investors to convert their have in LTC.

The Litecoin exceeds the $ 100 dollars

This situation has enabled the Litecoin to grow by over 60 % in just two days. An increase of nearly e 93,60 million was recorded compared to the opening price, reaching a new record of about $ 160. Currently, the value of this digital currency is $ 140. Many investors are wondering today whether this increase will be sustainable.

Here is a video excerpt depicting these do :

Some traders believe that the rise in the price of LTC can be attributed to the current difficulties of treatment of withdrawals from Bitfinex. In the course of the last week, the server of the company has been inundated with messages of customers are worried, complaining that the withdrawal applications on a number of crypto-currencies have not been completed after several days of waiting. Yesterday, a few users have attested that the application for withdrawal of Litecoin had been processed quickly, which potentially leads customers to Bitfinex to convert their holdings of LTC in the hope that this would allow them to withdraw their funds.

The investors have converted their assets into Litecoin

A publication was made on the platform Bitfinex indicating that the users have tried to withdraw their Bitcoin and Ethereum, but without success. Others have said they all need to convert them to Litecoin.

These comments also led to the decision of the users of Bitfinex. Thus, they have converted their crypto-currencies Litecoin. According to Bitfinex, delays in the withdrawal are linked to a cyber attack. Since then, the company has stated that it will not process more withdrawals of crypto-currencies of less than $ 250.

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  • Jrausis

    Absurd, the capitalization of the BTC and its friends has increased in parallel with the LTC. This article makes no sense, sorry Tiana.

  • Jul

    it is really tucked into a new era with the cryptos… Impossible even for the trader experienced to predict the future. But beautiful opporunité for individuals to finally have the hand on their investments. Not invetissez that what you are prepared to lose… but for the moment the risk is so low… Go for it!!