The director general of Visa gives its opinion on the crypto-currency

The director general of Visa is out of the silence, believing that crypto-currencies could not be considered as a means of payment because of their speculative character.

Statements clear on the crypto-currencies

The director general of Visa, Alfred Kelly, has chosen to express himself on the subject sensitive and sometimes controversial crypto-currency. He has participated in the conference of the National Retail Federation on Tuesday, January 16. He gave his point of view on digital currencies, including Bitcoin :

“I don’t see him as a player in the payment systems. “

Moreover, the officer was keen to point out that the line of conduct on this matter was very clear at Visa, explaining :

“At Visa, we do not process transactions based on crypto-currencies. We will only process transactions related to fiat currencies. “

An announcement consistent on the part of Visa

These statements are quite consistent. In fact, recently, Visa announced an end to its partnership with Wavecrest. This society allowed european societies to use credit cards with which it was possible to pay in crypto-currency. The giant Visa had decided to stop this cooperation quickly, because the rules of Wavecrest were not compliant with the system of values advocated by the company.

Pixabay – ProfiVidéo

Alfred Kelly reiterated that the crypto-currency was not a safe bet :

“My point of view, it is that the Bitcoin is a commodity in which it is possible to invest. And honestly, it is a commodity to be somewhat speculative. “

The statements of the man of business is rather logical. It must be admitted that digital currencies are a threat to Visa, which is based on fiat currencies. But it is a blow to the exchange platforms, who will now have to manage without support yet important Visa.

Source : CNBC