The domination of Bitcoin over other crypto-currencies could soon stop

Some speak of ” Bitcoin dependence “, that is to say that the fall in the value of the Bitcoin led to the fall of other crypto-currencies. According to the CEO of the company Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, the dominance of Bitcoin should soon come to an end.

The Bitcoin crypto-currency, dominant

It can be seen that the changes in the price of Bitcoin have a significant impact on the prices of other crypto-currencies. It is a reality widely verifiable, especially in recent months. The influence of Bitcoin is well and truly here, which obviously poses a problem for the other virtual currencies.

Pixabay – MakeSomedonesDay / The domination of Bitcoin could soon be a simple memory.

However, according to the very extensive analysis to the CEO of the american company, a Ripple, this dominance could soon disappear. Here’s what he has in effect said : “There is a very strong correlation between the price of the XRP and Bitcoin. However, it is open source technology and fundamentally independent. “

The man is convinced that we currently assist to the emergence of a market much more rational. Because of this, the behaviour of investors will lastingly be changed, which will lead to a devaluation of Bitcoin. Therefore, there will be more of reference vis-à-vis other crypto-currencies.

A tough start to the year

Ripple, which is a network for facilitating international payments, has seen a first quarter record and has established new partnerships with more than twenty new companies. Unfortunately, for the moment, the price of XRP has collapsed, the digital asset have lost nearly 84% of its value, making it the crypto-currency the least performing in this beginning of the year 2018.

Excited to announce Xpring, a new initiative that supports businesses growing on the XRP Ledger, and initial investments in @SB_Projects, @blockchaincap, @Coil_ and @omni. Together, we will grow the #InternetofValue!

— Ripple (@Ripple) May 14, 2018

Brad Garlinghouse, however, remains very confident about the future : “It is still an emerging sector, and the trading operations are still dominated by the speculation. I think that it is only a matter of time before people better understand their different use cases. “

What crypto-currencies threatens the Bitcoin?

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