The Dutch researchers have found a way of mining crypto-currencies using body heat

This all-new experience that aims to approximate the human network Blockchain using the body’s energy to do the mining of crypto-currencies. In fact, a research team of the Institute of the obsolescence of human (IoHo) in the netherlands, led by Manuel Beltrán, uses a special combination to make the mining of crypto-currencies. The system is to harvest the heat of the human body and transform this heat into a source of sustainable energy.

Overview of the combination of the IoHo/Speculative Capital

The human body as a source of energy

Manuel Beltrán, the founder (IoHo), refutes vehemently the idea that technology can not be supported by our current resources. In fact, he believes that a certain source of energy, namely, the human body, is very abundant. The IoHo has conducted a variety of activities that consist in the research and development of the ” work organic “. Currently, Ioho, is dedicated to the mining of crypto-currencies. The last test performed by the Dutch institute has taken approximately 212 hours, divided into several quarters of an hour, and required the contribution of 37 people. This experience has generated nearly 127.2 watts of power which have helped to create 16 590 crypto-currencies, including the Vertcoin, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin, among others.

Centre of mining crypto-currency to the Institute of the obsolescence of human/Speculative Capital

Produce crypto-currencies lying

According to the researchers, humans can generate 100 watts in resting and, most of the time, 80 % of the energy would be wasted. “A single human body at rest generates 100 watts of excess heat. So we decided to create a combination that uses thermoelectric generators to harvest the temperature differential between the human body and the ambient air. The objective is to convert this differential into usable electricity, ” reveals the IoHo. Thus, for mining crypto-currencies, the holders of the combination must all just lie down and do nothing. The special combination does all the work and maintains the body temperature to produce data to generate digital currency.

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