The eastern Siberia attracts major companies mining of crypto-currencies

Eastern Siberia is attracting more and more companies are mining crypto-currencies. The reason for this ? It’s that simple ! In effect, electricity is very inexpensive, and the weather particularly cold that are perfectly matched to mine.

A growing interest in eastern Siberia

In the past few months, the eastern Siberia seems to be of interest to many start-up specialized in the mining of crypto-currencies. It teaches in particular that the large corporations Estonian Minery Global or even Russian Minery plan to install no less than five industrial complexes dedicated to the mining of digital assets by the month of October. And this is far from a coincidence !

Pixabay – stafichukanatoly/ The cold climate of Siberia is an important advantage for the mining of crypto-currency.

In fact, the eastern Siberia holds many benefits for those who undermine the crypto-currency. Not only the electricity is very inexpensive, but in more extreme weather conditions are very favourable to these activities of mine. Not to mention the proximity of this region with China, which is also widely taken into account.

Several factors to be taken into account

The mining of digital assets is very expensive in electricity. In addition, the equipment must be regularly maintained, and the implementation of cooling systems is binding. These three factors are important to consider for companies specialized in the mining : gold, eastern Siberia can fix these problems.

Pixabay – Tweetyspics / The cost of electricity is very interesting in eastern Siberia.

The large companies as well as Estonian Minery Global and Russian Minery quickly understood the opportunities offered by the eastern Siberia which has a cool climate and provides cheap electricity. Its proximity with China can also reduce the costs related to the supply of equipment.

Suffice to say that this region of the world, and yet it is often seen as hostile, interests a lot of people lately.

Source : CryptoVest