The ether may be to cross the bar of $ 350 for the first time

According to data from cointelegraph, the virtual currency created by the canadian-Russian Vitalik Buterin will cross the bar of $ 350 for the first time this month of September. A new which is sure to delight fans of the technology Blockchain Ethereum.

Ether, the new darling of investors

The crypto-currency created to be part of the technology blockchain is treated today to 341 dollars. The appreciation of the ether has accelerated since a few weeks after the fall of Bitcoin in its boycott by the chinese authorities. It has therefore seen an opportunity to boost its reputation in the world of currency, cryptographic, that include, has already exceeded the mark of 300 million since the beginning of this year.

Bitcoin is stagnating and struggling to surpass the 4700 dollars

Despite the directive to ban Bitcoin from China to resume the hand on the virtual currencies that could not be controlled, the buyers continue to support Bitcoin. The virtual currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto is stagnating today at 4698 dollars in the face of a basket of virtual currency in constant increase. However, it is hoped that its course will find its most beautiful in the weeks to come.

A clear improvement of Litecoin

Litecoin, virtual money, which was increased from 4 to 62 million in just six months, is to this day measured at 73 dollars. Its capitalization is close to the current 3.5 billion dollars – certainly-very far from the 75 billion dollars of Bitcoin.

The Ripple is measured at 0,173 dollar. This digital currency launched in 2012 is quite volatile and does not have an established trend. As a result, think about the pros and cons if you want to invest in this virtual currency.