The EU is proposing measures to combat the cyber criminals of crypto-currencies

The crypto-currencies attract today many lusts. This craze also raises the interest of hackers. Cybercrime is currently a topic discussed by several european countries and the crypto-currencies are affected by these attacks. The european Commission is preparing new penalties for cybercrime involving crypto-currencies.

The members of the european Union stressed their intention to introduce a new directive focused on cybercrime. They have not hesitated to mention the recent cyber attacks that have taken place in Europe and the United States. This plan also proposes the creation of a european agency for the fight against cybercrime.

Strengthening of sanctions against hackers

Various proposals have been integrated in this plan to combat cybercrime in Europe. Among these, we note particularly the strengthening of sanctions for the individuals involved in these attacks, including the attacks of ransomware.

The european commission has thus stated that the proposed measures have the objective of strengthening the capacity of authorities in charge of the application of the law to combat this form of crime by expanding the scope of offences linked to information systems of all payment transactions, including transactions made via crypto-currencies.

Why such measures ?

This decision by the european Union is not surprising, given that the guidelines applied in the past to regulate crypto-currencies have been relatively complicated to implement. Any changes made by the EU involving crypto-currencies could extend beyond the crimes related to the ransomware.

According to the european Union, the existing mechanisms are insufficient to account for the crimes involving this type of currency. This sector could experience a true revolution if these measures are applied. In effect, we will attend to the regulation of a market that previously offered total freedom. Moreover, it became clear that these rules no longer reflect the realities of today and did not sufficiently respond to the new challenges.

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