The european bank Swissquote adds four altcoins on its trading platform

The bank online european Swissquote goes even further in terms of crypto-currency. Yesterday, the banking group of switzerland has announced that it has added four altcoins on its platform of trading online.

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Swissquote meets a strong demand from customers

Thus, in addition to Bitcoin, the clients of Swissquote can now exchange Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple against the Euro and the Dollar. The bank said it had selected these four crypto-currencies, due to the strong demand from its customers. Also, earlier this year, Swissquote has partnered with Bitstamp to enable customers of the bank to carry out exchanges of Bitcoin. The bank welcomed the success of this first introduction. “Our offer of trading Bitcoin has been a resounding success and exceeded all our expectations. Now we want to expand our offerings to help investors diversify their activities related to crypto-currencies, ” said Marc B├╝rki, CEO of Swissquote. And to add : “The crypto-currencies are becoming increasingly popular, and the offering on our platform, invest in crypto-currencies becomes more simple, more secure, and widely accessible to all. “


The crypto-currencies are taking more and more space

Thanks to the popularity of Bitcoin, the crypto-currencies have gradually begun to penetrate the public consciousness. And this finding is felt in the traditional financial sector. The adoption of crypto-currencies has been more significant in the sector of startups Fintech. We will take the examples of Square Cash and Revolt, which have decided to integrate the possibility to make purchases in Bitcoin in their mobile applications. In addition, even applications dedicated to crypto-currencies, including Coinbase, have also started to gain popularity. Nevertheless, most of the traditional banks have been reluctant to engage directly in the crypto-currencies, and certain financial institutions and international organizations continue to make dam to crypto-currencies.

Source : Cryptocoinsnews