The european central Bank declares that Bitcoin is not a currency

The central bank of the EU is more and more heard about the crypto-currency is the most popular in the world, the Bitcoin. The increase of the price of this digital currency this year seems to coincide with statements from governments around the world.

Gerd Altmann, Source : Pixabay

Recently, the governor of the central Bank of belgium (NBB) has explained that more investors should be warned of the risks of this technology and how it is treated. According to the latter, the Bitcoin should not be called currency.

Jan Smets is not a fan of Bitcoin

According to Jan Smets, governor of the NBB, it is important to adopt the innovations and efficiencies that they can generate for our payment system. The BNB is part of the european central Bank. Mr. Smets, age 66, has been the governor since 2015 after having served under the leadership of two prime ministers as chief of staff. In addition to his duties, he has participated in a dozen councils, academic and financial.

Flag of the european Union. Source : Public Domain Pictures

Jan Smets has shown in De Vrije Markt that all need to warn users about the Bitcoin, and investors can lose a lot. Because of its volatility, this technology can prove to be dangerous for the world economy, he added.

The Bitcoin is not a currency

The last time a statement was made by the NBB on the Bitcoin, it was in 2014. They were at the time warned investors on the risks of piracy. Prior to this announcement, all thought that Belgium was at the forefront of the crypto-currency in Europe, at least in some circles.

Recently, Mr. Smets was concerned with the evolution of the value of Bitcoin, highlighting its lack of support. The price of this digital currency from 1 000 dollars beginning in 2017 to around $ 15,000 merely to strengthen his argument, he says.

Source : NewsBitcoin