The european central Bank is expected to discuss the Bitcoin and the technology Blockchain with young people

The crypto-currency technology and the Blockchain will be one of the three major issues to which the president of the european central Bank (ECB) will give its opinion through a series of videos that will be released starting on 12 February.

Mario Draghi/photo Credits : Pixabay

The ECB wants to address the concerns of young people

Mario Draghi, president of the european central Bank, will respond to questions asked by young people. This will include, for him, to give his opinion on the viability of Bitcoin relative to currencies in the traditional way. It will also develop the point of view of the ECB on the technology Blockchain in its entirety. All questions should be submitted by tomorrow, January 23. Europeans aged 16 to 35 years of age are also invited to ask questions around three main topics, namely the possibility of a new global economic crisis, the crypto-currency and the technology Blockchain, and finally the economic recovery in Europe and youth unemployment. It is important to remember that this session of questions-answers in the framework of the third Youth dialogue of the ECB. This initiative proves once more the willingness of the ECB to collect the opinions of all to arrive at a consensus on crypto-currencies.

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The central banks in Europe are shared on the crypto-currencies

As a prelude to this session, the ECB has launched an opinion poll on Twitter to find out if the Bitcoin could provide a viable alternative to currency traditional. The survey the european central Bank has received more than 15 500 responses in about 24 hours. While the role of central banks in the world of crypto-currencies has always been the subject of debate, the opinion that they exist to help ensure the stability of the economies remains valid. The volatility of Bitcoin has earned him the criticism that it would be a great way for different types of fraud. It is the opinion of Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of the us investment bank Goldman Sachs. The minister of Finance of luxembourg, Pierre Gramegna, has also suggested that the european Union could soon introduce new regulations on crypto-currencies.

Source : Cointelegraph