The european Commission approves the transparency offered by the technology Blockchain

The authorities around the world have not yet taken a decision on the Bitcoin. Politicians especially appreciate the underlying technology, but they are not sure of the future of crypto-currencies, sometimes used by criminals to launder money. For weeks, the groups affiliated with the european Commission have issued two statements, seemingly contradictory on this subject. Is the Bitcoin and the Blockchain are tools of money laundering, they are regarded as tools of accountability. What is it that is true ?

Please see below the details of this case :

The Blockchain is a good thing, but not the Bitcoin

On the 1st February, the european Commission has set up a body to monitor the Blockchain in Brussels. The program is designed to highlight the key developments of the technology Blockchain, to promote european actors and strengthen the commitment of Europe with the main actors involved in the activities in the Blockchain. In a press release, the vice-president of the EC, Andrus Ansip, said that the Blockchain can help to reduce costs while increasing the confidence, traceability and security.

Source : Pixabay. The european Commission is in favour of the Blockchain.

This press release makes no mention of Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. The EC is not obliged to speak of Bitcoin, but it can perfectly highlight the benefits of the technology Blockchain.

A paradise for criminals ?

Last week, NewBitcoins gave an account of a workshop organized by the EU authorities, Europol. His theme was focused on the development of measures to combat money laundering associated with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. In this publication, it was noted that Europol has stated a rise of criminal activities related to digital currency.

This contradicts the conclusions of a recent report which confirmed that Bitcoin transactions associated with illegal activities have fallen to only 0,61 %.

Source : NewsBitcoin