The european Commission is interested in technologies BlockChain

The european Commission has now decided to focus on the protocol BlockChain. One learns, in effect, that an observatory, and a forum devoted entirely to this protocol have recently been initiated. This initiative is done in partnership with ConsenSys.

An important decision

The european Commission unveiled its intention to focus on the protocol BlockChain. The latter is described within the official press release of major breakthrough. In fact, according to this official press release, these technologies allow to achieve high levels of traceability and reliability in online transactions. Here’s in particular what can be read : “They could have an impact on the digital services and transforming business models in a wide range of areas such as health, insurance, finance, energy, logistics, the management of intellectual property rights and / or administrative services. “

Pixabay – Jai79

So we speak here of the possible potential of the technology BlockChain to transform the services and the financial markets. In this undertaking, the european Commission wished to choose a reliable partner, who is none other than ConsenSys.

The choice of a global player

The european Commission has therefore announced that, via the vice-president in charge of financial stability, financial services and the union of capital markets, Valdis Dombrovskis, have chosen ConsenSys as a partner : “ConsenSys, a global player now well-established in Europe, has been selected as partner to accompany the Observatory in Europe, following a call for tenders launched in the last year. “The contract was signed on 29 January 2018.


ConsenSys will work in collaboration with the european Commission to manage the observatory and the forum of the european Union. It will fund projects in connection with technology BlockChain, to the tune of 340 million euros until 2020.

It is therefore an important decision, and especially a major change for the european Union. The objective is obviously to encourage the use of these technologies while ensuring a maximum of security for citizens and businesses. To follow.

Source : Europa