The fake news broadcast to bring down the price of crypto-currencies

Many fake news have been disseminated in order to spread concern on the market of the crypto-currency and thus contribute to make fall the course. The purpose of these evil people is to be able to buy virtual currencies at extremely low prices.

E-mails in the content of controversy

Many deceitful emails have been sent to american media. They come mainly from China and Hong Kong. We discover within these e-mails that the people’s Bank of China, the PCBS, as well as the HKMA, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, would be on the point of tightening regulations around the crypto-currency. This last purpose would be to fight against the trading services.

Pixabay – Pixel2013 / e-mails containing false information were sent to some journalists.

This would be a regulatory framework anti-money laundering in place as early as next week. The latter would be designed to individuals and businesses. But these information are false ! Besides, the spokesperson of the Hong Kong Monetary is immediately out of the silence to refute those remarks, saying that nobody was currently working on such regulatory measures.

A movement of panic general

These last few days, we could observe a fall in the price. However, these e-mail alerts may have helped to create a panic around the crypto-currency, investors preferred to sell their assets. It is a way to discourage them, in order to decrease the current.

Pixabay – The DigitalArtist / These e-mails containing false information may have created a panic and caused in part a fall in the price.

For what reason ? Simply for those who send these fake news can offer crypto-currencies at a price defying any competition. Leonhard Weese, president of the association of Hong Kong Bitcoin, explained it this way : “I am not certain that it can all the time work. But when some take advantage of bad translations and ambiguities, they can help to spread a sense of panic […] in particular on a market that is immature, is associated with a very low barrier to entry, and on which many “day traders” may be the victims of manipulation. “

In contrast, China has not wished for the moment to confirm or not the content of these e-mails. Anyway, no formal regulation is not planned at this day in Hong Kong and this information is false. It is unbelievable, all the same !

Source : Bitcoinist