The famous investor Steve Eisman does not see the value of Bitcoin

Steve Eisman is a famous investor, as particularly influential on Wall Street. This is not a stranger, because he inspired the character in the film The Big Short. Suffice to say that it is a well-respected figure in the United States. However, he gave his opinion on Bitcoin and the crypto-currencies that win a great success for several months now.

The Bitcoin without interest ?

Steve Eisman was in Hong Kong to participate in a convention that is particularly important in the finance sector. The man wished to speak on the subject of crypto-currencies, explaining that for him it was only a fad : “I don’t see the interest. What is the added value of crypto-currencies ? No one has been able to give me an answer to this question. “

Pixabay – Woodak / For this famous investor, the Bitcoin has no interest.

If his remarks are so much being listened to, it is simply because this portfolio manager with Neuberger Berman was one of the only ones in the world to predict the big financial crisis of 2008. His opinion is so respected, and it says that there is a terrible speculative bubble around the Bitcoin, which makes it uninteresting.

A total misunderstanding

Steve Eisman believes that there is a severe lack of regulation of crypto-currencies in the world, and that these virtual currencies do not present any interest. They will also, according to him, the origin of a major imbalance in the global economy in the years to come. Moreover, the analyst claims not to be interested in these digital currencies : “I do not touch it. I have no idea of what I see… And I’m not interested. “

Pixabay – WorldSpectrum / According to this financial analyst the Bitcoin is going to disappear quickly.

The Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies present no interest for the expert in the world of finance. It encourages investors to exercise caution and seems certain that these virtual currencies have no future in the long term. A-t-he reason ? Our readers will be their idea…

Source : NCC