The financial authorities in the Polish disparage the crypto-currency on YouTube

Poland does not like crypto-currencies. The State is trying by all means possible and imaginable to divert the attention of investors to other investments. The authorities have in particular paid each other for them to publish videos that went against virtual currencies.

Real reviews

The national Bank of Poland, more commonly known by the initials ” NBP “, as well as the authority of financial supervision in poland, the KNF, have paid each other in order to disparage the crypto-currency. These authorities have disbursed a little more than 22 000 euros to divert the attention of investors to other products to be more cautious.

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / Of each other have been paid to disparage the crypto-currency.

Thus, several videos have been posted online. Their titles and their contents say much. For example, a video that explains how a person has lost all his money. You will understand that she had staked everything in the crypto-currencies. However, they are of each other extremely popular in Poland, which have been paid for making these videos. We speak to each other to Marcin Dubiel, a videographer with more than 900 000 subscribers : his performance against virtual currencies has been viewed about 500,000 times.

The advertising character is not mentioned

The financial authorities of the countries wanted to demonstrate that crypto-currencies are not real currencies. They also have the intention to bring awareness to internet users of the danger of an investment in the digital currency, particularly due to its volatility. But the problem is that these videos would have some character sponsored.

Screenshot Youtube / each other are especially famous in Poland.

However, at no time there is no mention of this character. In addition, the financial authorities do not stop there as they have conducted a campaign on the social networks and especially on Facebook.

Many are the internet users in railing against these practices. They speak of propaganda advertising. Even if the intentions of the financial authorities in poland are at the start ” laudable “, as they want to protect investors, the means used are illegal.

Source : News Bitcoin