The financial institutions russians remain divided on the crypto-currencies

Several Russian analysts have made comments about the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in recent weeks. German Gref, head of Sberbank, said that the crypto-currency became a part of the daily life of the Russians, while Riccardo Orcel, head of VTB International, said that the interest of Russians to the Bitcoin, has been overstated by the media. Moreover, it is known that the Russian government has free rein to crypto-currencies.


Sberbank believes in the potential of crypto-currencies

German Gref, the head of the State bank of the Russian Sberbank, has discussed the growing popularity of Bitcoin in Russia. Speaking at a meeting of the association of entrepreneurs, Russian, German Gref has said that ” crypto-currencies are a natural result of the technology Blockchain. We can ban, we can accommodate them. It is fashionable to urge people not to use them, but they are now part of our life. “Besides, Gref has warned the Russian government about its intention to prohibit premature the Bitcoin. It stressed in particular that the crypto-currencies will be a durable phenomenon, and that the growing economy of crypto-currencies will provide enormous opportunities for the Russian companies.

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The VTB bank remains skeptical about the popularity of Bitcoin in Russia

Riccardo Orcel, director of the Russian bank VTB, has minimized the popularity of Bitcoin in Russia, stating that the euphoria of the media was exaggerated. In an interview with CNBC, Orcel said : “there has been speculation on the fact that there were acquisitions on the part of Russian investors, but most of these reports, as a bank, we have not seen a lot of flow ? To be honest, we have not seen a lot of interest for Bitcoin in Russia. “Andrey Kostin, CEO of VTB, meanwhile, said he was” a little skeptical ” in regards to crypto-currencies in general. “We see a lot of factors of speculation raised in the crypto-currencies and I think that it’s dangerous,” he said.

Source : News.Bitcoin