The first crypto-currency based on gold, should soon arrive on the market

The crypto-currency, it is the most discussed of the moment at the international level. It is necessary to say that virtual currencies have changed the situation and have pushed some traditional assets like precious metals – gold in particular. It is for this reason that the Perth Mint, an australian company, has decided to launch a crypto-currency based on gold.

A crypto-currency based on gold

The crypto-currencies have the wind in their sails. Last year, these digital currencies have taken flight. To such an extent that investors are now turning more towards these crypto-currencies to precious metals such as gold. In order to counteract this trend, the largest refiner of precious metals of Australia has taken a hell of a decision. In fact, Perth Mint intends to create its own crypto-currency, based on gold.

Perth Mint Australia

The australian company wants to encourage investors to enter the gold market, while surfing on the current trend of virtual currency. For the moment, this is just a draft, and the currency has no name yet. But the entry into the world of the crypto-currency could not be delayed !

An astonishing project

The CEO of Perth Mint, Richard Hayes, is out of the silence to justify this project quite amazing. According to him, it is necessary to listen to the public who are now looking towards the alternative investment crypto-currency : “I think that the world goes through periods of increasing uncertainty, you see people look for alternative investments… And you see this massive flow of funds to happen on Bitcoin, because investors are looking for something different from traditional investments. “

The problem of the crypto-currency is, according to him, the significant volatility in the past. However, investors might be reassured if one of them was backed by gold : “If you use precious metals to support something on a BlockChain, it retains its intrinsic value, unlike bitcoin and Ethereum, which is based on the fact that all the world may believe that there is something behind it “

The company sells each year several million dollars in pure gold in the world, and wishes to improve its offerings in technology-based BlockChain. For the moment, we do not yet know the precise details of this use, nor the name of the future crypto-currency based on gold. To follow.

Source : BlockTribune