The first crypto-radiator has seen the light of day

Miner of the crypto-currency does not necessarily require a huge block of metal unsightly that makes noise. Proof since the company Qarnot Computing has just released the first radiator minor that allows you to mine digital currencies and to heat its interior. Zoom in on this strange invention.

An original idea

Miner of the crypto-currency is expensive in terms of energy, and the metal block which is at the origin of this action produces a lot of heat, which is unfortunately lost. Not to mention that this block is somewhat aesthetic, and serves absolutely nothing. Which is a shame !

YouTube – Qarnot / crypto radiator allows the miner of the crypto-currency while heating up the interior.

And it is precisely in making this finding that two frenchmen had an idea that does not lack originality. In effect, they designed a radiator that re-uses this heat to heat a home. Thus, one speaks of the first crypto-radiator QC-1. The design is modern and minimalist, and easily finds its place in an interior !

Operation ingenious

The operation is simple. The crypto-radiator is composed of two graphics cards AMD Radeon RX580, a x86 CPU A6 9500E and a Linux operating system. The purchase price is 2 900 euro, which is still a significant investment. All the more that the electricity charges relating to this material will be high. Indeed, the power of hash is 60 MH/s, for a consumption of 650 Watts when the crypto-radiator is pushed in the mode ” boost “. To make it short, it takes three years to get the crypto-radiator.

YouTube – Qarnot / crypto radiator is programmable through a mobile application.

However, the idea of miner discreetly of the crypto-currency while heating a home is very clever. After all, why not, it is a way to join the useful to the pleasant.

Source : Qarnot