The first distributor of beers BlockChain to the world

It is a start-up based in San Francisco that is at the origin of this incredible project. The first vending machine crypto beer will be installed in the United States in a few weeks.

A funny idea

It was the Consensus 2018 as the start-up Civic has announced that it has entered into a partnership with the giant of the beer-Anheuser-Busch. This start-up american is specialized in simplifying and securing the control identity using the technology BlockChain. The distributor is a world first and will therefore buy a beer. Each participant will be in front of the machine with the application Civic. This last will confirm first if the user is of legal age. Then, if this is the case, he could get a beer with the technology BlockChain.

Doing some research on #cryptobeer! #Consensus2018 @civickey @coindesk

— Ironwood Research Group (@Ironwood_RG) May 16, 2018

The project of the Civic is very clear, the communication officer of the start-up who said : “We looked at practical ways to bring technology BlockChain to an audience that is more “general public”, and how can we link the interest of the use of the BlockChain to an ordinary individual ? The proof of age seemed to be the best option at hand. ”

A clear objective

The objective was to demonstrate how the technology BlockChain can be used in everyday life and easily by the general public. It is a way to solve the problems related to the verification of identity, but also to secure the purchases of the consumers : “It is not just beer, it can be any type of a product for which the age is limited. The input is not monitored casinos, and then to the vending machines, we can see what is happening in concerts, theaters, conferences. “

Now you can buy beer from an age-verifying Blockchain vending machine from @civickey – @forbeshttps://t. co/2moiAeUv42

— Toby Shapshak (@shapshak) May 15, 2018

For the moment, there is a single vending machine of beers based on the technology of BlockChain. This machine would be able to distribute 600 beers per day. But this is only a prototype, and teams of Civic have implied that its tokens could be integrated in future versions. This is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure !

Source : CoinDesk