The first lottery in the world that will offer a premium of more than 1 000 BTC

One of the lottery operators the most well-known of Ireland, Lottoland offers a reward in Bitcoin, a value of several million dollars. In exchange of a selection of six numbers, the participants, who are not limited to the Republic of Ireland, will be entered into a drawing in which the jackpot currently stands at 1 025 BTC. The odds of winning the jackpot are very slim, but Lottoland hope that many punters will try their luck.


Lottoland strengthens its popularity

Created in 2013, Lottoland is one of the lottery operators the most popular in Ireland. In the past, it has been the subject of controversy for having allowed its clients to bet on lotteries held in other countries, such as american Powerball and Mega Millions in Europe. Nevertheless, the company has acquired a considerable market share in Ireland, helped by the marketing strategies that are easy. By launching its own lottery Bitcoin, Lottoland has been attracted by the excitement around crypto-currencies, especially the frenzy around Bitcoin, which continues to increase in value.


An offer that will arouse a lot of interest

The daily draw will take place Monday to Saturday at 20: 30 GMT with a jackpot of over 1 000 BTC to win. Players will have to get the six numbers to get the jackpot of $ 18 million, even if the gains are smaller can be earned. It remains to be seen if the future winner, suddenly faced with a windfall of several million dollars, will be brave enough to get everything in Bitcoin. The offer of Lottoland will surely inspire a lot of interest. Even if the chances are very low, the prospect of becoming a millionaire in Bitcoin in a blink of an eye will be very exciting for a lot of people.

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