The first school specializing in technology, BlockChain opens its doors in Russia

This is a world first : Russia has launched the first school specializing in technology, BlockChain. Students are scrambling to the gate to follow the training courses will start from the month of march.

A world first

It is within the Phystech Park, in Moscow, a technological centre dedicated to the development of enterprises, is the establishment of a new kind. In fact, the school is specialized in the BlockChain. It has opened its doors and the inscriptions are already closed for the first quarter of the course. Officially, the course will begin, therefore, on march 1, 2018. The students will mainly study the technical aspect of the BlockChain of Ethereum, but they will be of interest to few use cases.

Pixabay – StartupStockPhoto / students are many to want to follow this new course in Russia.

The leader of the Phystech Park is very proud of this school and explained it this way : “On 12 February, the school of programmers of Moscow and the computer centre métropolitain du Phystech Park have signed an agreement to launch the training “Introduction to developing applications on the BlockChain Ethereum”. “

Train developers of tomorrow

This is a great first, the goal is to train developers in their teaching the basis of programming technology BlockChain. The students will be ready to create applications based on Ethereum. These are experts who will take care of this student body, the latter having accepted to teach with great pleasure. This is Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the platform Ethereum, which will occupy the role of advisor for the school.

Pixabay – Cvkcvk / training is devoted entirely to the technology of BlockChain, a first in the world.

Sergei Shedov, director of the School of programmers of Moscow, is very enthusiastic : “This program is unique for our students, and this for two reasons. First of all, they will be able to join the technology BlockChain the more modern, associated with a high technical level, and which is only accessible in a few universities in the world. […] Second, the best profiles will be able to apply knowledge acquired in practice, through training in companies of the sector tech Phystech Park. “

The experts in the technology BlockChain are not many, and this school can therefore represent for students a beautiful opportunity for their professional future. The idea does not lack originality.

Source : CryptoVest