The forces of law and order to indian to dismantle a gang attacking the investors of crypto-currencies

The incredible rally in the price of Bitcoin this year has attracted many new investors in the world. Some are simply looking to make a quick buck without really understanding what they are committing themselves to. Naturally, this kind of situation attracts criminals who want to exploit it.

The symbol of Bitcoin. Source : Pixabay

Moreover, the most recent example being a gang in India. A group of criminals tries in effect to rob the investors of the Bitcoin.

The criminal attempt to steal Bitcoins

The special Force of the Uttar Pradesh (STF) has announced that it has recently dismantled a gang targeting local investors interested in the trading of Bitcoin. The alleged criminals have used the service Localbitcoins to find their victims. They have offered discounts on the rates in force to encourage them to send files FIAT. The police say they have been inundated with many complaints linked to this type of operations. The head of the STF stated that there are sites where people can exchange crypto-currencies. The gang first attracted traders to buy Bitcoin at a low price, and has even transferred some of them on their electronic wallets in order to gain their confidence, he added.

Unintended consequences

While the police acted to protect investors, the responsibility of the indian authorities is not ruled out. Currently, the market of Bitcoin is facing a crackdown by the indian government. An investigation is underway regarding the investors that use this technology in order to avoid taxes.

The mining of Bitcoins, an activity that is spreading. Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke, Source : Pixabay

In recent days, the indian demand for Bitcoin has increased sharply. The companies of trade of crypto-currencies today are subject to various regulations that are too stringent. This situation pushes some professionals to work in the illegality. Moreover, the offline trade of digital currencies is growing extremely fast.

Source : NewsBitcoin