The former republican candidate Ron Paul gives his views on the crypto-currency

Ron Paul, former candidate for the White House, is out of the silence to explain that – according to him – everyone should be free to use the money he wants…

A monetary system that does not work anymore

Ron Paul is not favourable to crypto-currencies. But, according to him, the american citizens should be free to use the currency they want. And this assertion also applies to the crypto-currency that makes so much talking about it these last few months. The politician said in an interview on CNN that ” the true inventors are the federal Reserve “.

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The former member of the us Congress has always had this opinion well settled on the question of the currency. He also pointed out that he had filed a law designed to compete with money when he was still a member of parliament. And currently, this is not of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies to watch out for : Ron Paul says in effect that the real problem is related to the monetary system, u.s. :

“I hate the system on which we rely. The true inventors are to be found at the federal Reserve. It is a mistake and a problem major. People should have the right to choose the currency that they use. “

Legalize the alternate currency

Ron Paul, now a politician in retirement, would therefore be in favour of the legalisation of alternate currency. However, it also poses an obvious condition : the latter must not be used to fund criminal and illegal activities. And this is precisely what this former member of the republican party denounces with the crypto-currency.

“I think that it is not yet known if the crypto-currency will one day be able to play the role of currency. For the moment, I don’t imagine. In my analysis of the monetary history, it has always been that the currencies constitute anything concrete. People want palpable. “

Ron Paul is not yet completely won over by the crypto-currency, but it will not be long. It is, in fact, an alternative to the monetary system that he denounces.

Source : CNN