The founder of Lazio X argues that crypto-currencies are the future of finance

A real revolution has started in the world of finance and this is due to the digital currencies such as Bitcoin, said the founder of LatiumX. The crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, have dominated the financial market in recent weeks, with peaks of value and an attraction growing. Last Wednesday, the price of Bitcoin has crossed the mark of 7 800 us dollars, after having started the year at less than $ 1,000.


Also, the Bitcoin has proven to be a currency volatile and a risky investment when it has fallen 22 % this weekend. But David Johnson, CEO of the new company exchanges of crypto-currencies, Lazio, is confident that within a short time, the virtual currency will forever change the use of the money.

The beginning of the revolution in crypto-currencies

David Johnson stated that we are at the beginning of the revolution in crypto-currency. In ten years, the financial world will be very different from what it is today, he explained. Some will not like, as, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, said David Johnson.

In September, the chief executive officer has unleashed the wrath of investors in crypto-currencies when he described the Bitcoin of fraud. But, according to Johnson, the Wall Street traders, will quickly change your mind in the future.

The digital currencies are the future

The complaints of Dimon have also been rejected by many entrepreneurs. The financial companies who use crypto-currencies see far. The biggest obstacle faced by this market is the disconnect between the users and the technical aspect of digital currency.

A study conducted in 2014 by the University of Illinois, revealed that the user of Bitcoin has a mean age of 33 years. This study concluded that, in theory, the user base of Bitcoins has no age limit, but its main investors are younger and more savvy. Investors today are very confident about the future of this technology.

Source : Express