The founders of Crowdfire plan to launch a company for exchange of Bitcoins in India

The crypto-currencies have become very popular in India, and the markets of digital assets in the country have experienced exponential growth despite the uncertainty from the indian government. This week, the founders of the application Crowdfire have announced that they would start a business to trade Bitcoins in the country in the month of march.

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Scheduled to launch in march

The date of this announcement, the Finance minister of India, Arun Jaitley has made statements about the digital currency. The founders of the application have decided to call Wazirx the trading platform. It has been developed by Siddharth Menon, Sameer Mhatre, Anirudh Khusape and Nischal Shetty who also created the Android application is very popular with today’s 19 million users. Shetty has stated that he has operated in the area of crypto-currencies since 2009 and he has already tested the mining of Bitcoins.

Source : Pixabay. The founders of Crowdfire launch a business exchange of crypto-currencies in India.

This year, Shetty has stated that the technology Blockchain is interested. It is for this reason that it has decided to launch a platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies in India.

What about the rules governing the market of digital currency in India ?

Shetty said he is not satisfied that the regulations concerning the digital currency in the country and today want to create a product that is more transparent. He explained that the companies operating in the market do not offer quality services and the communication with investors still leaves something to be desired in India. Transparency is the best solution to develop such a activity, he added.

Users trust them, it is for this reason that they must provide clear information, said Shetty. Wazirx is also in the process of creating a new digital currency, called WRX. It will be similar to other crypto-currencies proposed by Cobinhood and Binance. Each platform user will receive free of charge a number of WRX. To do this, they must register and verify the identity of its accounts.

Source : NewsBitcoin