The FSA authorizes four new companies to trade crypto-currencies to operate in the sector in Japan

The japanese agency of financial services has approved four new companies-exchange of crypto-currencies to operate legally in the country. This is the second time that the agency allow companies specialized in the field to work in the sector of the digital currency. The first exemption was for 11 businesses in September.

The FSA in favour of the development of enterprises of trade of digital currencies

The FSA or the japanese Agency of financial services has published on its website the details of this new approval. It was noted that four companies will be permitted to operate in the exchange of virtual currency. This is the second time that the authority gives its approval for the launch of such a company. The first time was September 29, when 11 companies have been approved. The FSA has explained that only the digital currency processed by the 15 grants approved are allowed. A legal framework has been put in place by this institution, allowing the Bitcoin to become a mode of payment in Japan.

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This agency also requires companies to record all exchanges of crypto-currencies with the FSA. The four companies newly registered are Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange Co, Bit Arg Exchange Tokyo Co, FTT Corporation and Xtheta Corporation.

Other requests are under review

The FSA is still considering a number of companies. At the end of September, in addition to the 11 companies approved, Nikkei has reported that 17 other companies were the subject of an ongoing review. Twelve companies have not responded to the requirements of the agency and have had to stop their operations in Japan.

Among the companies still under review is one of Coincheck, the second largest exchange of Bitcoin in Japan. The FSA has stated that the application of Coincheck has been submitted on 13 September and is still in the process of revision. In addition, the group has assured its customers that they are always able to provide its services as usual.

Source : NewsBitcoin