The giant of Bitcoin, BTCC, has been acquired this week

The giant of Bitcoin, BTCC, has been acquired by an investment fund based in Hong Kong. Good news for the exchange platform which can now bounce to new horizons.

A difficult time

This is an official announcement that confirmed the news this week. The platform BTCC, who had left China, has been bought out. It is an investment fund based in Hong Kong who decided to give a second life to the former giant of Bitcoin. Formerly, there was talk of BTC China, and the company was the first to have put in place a platform for the exchange of crypto-currencies. But, a few months ago, the company was forced to leave his country of origin, China.


In effect, the chinese authorities had ordered the closure of the exchange platforms in September last year. This decision was forced BTCC to immediately suspend its trading activities. The company had closed its doors on September 30, 2017. However, it had continued its activities, and had transferred its headquarters to London.

A redemption that comes at peak

It was complicated, but this is nothing more than a bad memory thanks to the purchase of BTTC ! In effect, this takeover allows BTCC to nurture great ambitions. The co-founder, Bobby Lee, is delighted : “This sale is a step fabulous for BTCC, a step that is the reward for the work that we have provided in recent years. I am very excited about the arrival of these funds, which will allow you to BTCC to evolve and grow more quickly in 2018 and beyond. “

Pixabay – CityVoyage

These funds should, in theory, enable the BTCC to become a leader in the sector of the digital currency. Here is what Bobby Lee said following the announcement : “This acquisition will allow us to become a leader in each sector of the ecosystem of digital currencies, including that of the pools of mining, payment and exchange platforms. “In fact, the company now has substantial resources with which to stabilize the crypto-currencies.

A good new for the BTCC, which has almost disappeared.

Source : BTCC