The Google search volume for the key word Bitcoin has increased by over 1,000 % in 2017

After the incredible development of Bitcoin and increase its media coverage in 2017, there is no doubt that this digital currency has seen an increased adoption of the users. The estimates concerning the extent of the growth of the Bitcoin to vary due to the anonymous nature of the transactions.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. Increase in the volume of Google searches of keywords Bitcoin.

However, the traffic generated by the search engines for the key word Bitcoin is usually considered as a reliable indicator of the increasing adoption by the users. The most recent figures made available by Google show an increase in keyword searches in connection with Bitcoin. An increase of almost 1 000 % was found in 2017.

On Wikipedia, Bitcoin has been the 9th most visited page in 2017

According to the annual report of Wikipedia, one of the 50 most-visited pages on the site, Bitcoin ranked ninth in 2017. The report described the digital currency as the future of money, adding that the first crypto-currency in the world became the most speculative. According to this report, the page has been visited 15 026 561 times in the course of the year 2017.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay. The Wikipedia page for Bitcoin is at the 9th place of the most visited.

The traffic to the Wikipedia page of Bitcoin peaked on December 8, 2017, the date on which the crypto-currency has experienced a significant decline of nearly 20 %.

The fad of internet users for the Bitcoin on Google

The volume of Google searches conducted for important keywords related to Bitcoin has also seen a surprising increase. The data provided by Google indicate that the monthly searches on the price of Bitcoin have seen an increase of over 1,000 % in December 2017 compared with the data of the previous year.

Source : Pixabay. The search volume of the keyword Bitcoin in a net increase of over 1,000 %.

Searches related to “Bitcoin chart” increased 934 %, and searches for “Bitcoin USD” have increased over 800 %. Google believes that each of the groups of keywords mentioned above has received between 1 million and 10 million searches on average per month in 2017, which is a significant increase of 1 000 000 of research.

Source : NewsBitcoin