The governor of the Banque de France wishes to regulate the exchange platforms

The governor of the Bank of France is out of the silence to speak of crypto-currencies on 25 April 2018. It is estimated that the european central Bank should move quickly to regulate and oversee the platforms for the exchange of digital assets. In his opinion it is an absolute emergency.

A regulation was needed

François Villeroy de Galhau, current governor of the Bank of France, was expressed in London in the framework of the City Week Banking Conference. He has in particular addressed the topic of crypto-currencies, stating : “We should especially be of interest to us to exchange platforms that provide an interface between crypto-assets and the real economy. “

François #Villeroy de Galhau this Review of #financial stability 2018

— Banque de France (@banquedefrance) April 25, 2018

It would be therefore necessary according to him to impose a regulatory framework around these platforms, which can have a significant impact on the european economic system. The governor of the Bank of France has joined several of his colleagues in the european Union, and hopes for the establishment of a regulatory framework soon.

Many disagreements

However, to date, there is disagreement within the european Union about the future of crypto-currencies. Indeed, some members of the ECB believe that this is not a priority to regulate the exchange platforms. Danièle Nouy for example, the president of the board of supervision of the european institution, said that this was not an emergency for the time being given that crypto-currencies are still very marginal. It was, however, indicated that the ECB would intervene in case of need.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / For the governor of the Bank of France, the crypto-currencies are not a currency.

François Villeroy de Galhau has not failed to remind that the Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are not a currency, as he had already said previously. It invites investors with the greatest caution : “The Bank of France reminds those who invest in Bitcoin that they do so entirely at their own risk. “

It will be understood, the governor of the Bank of France is a crypto-skeptic and emits many reserves like virtual currencies. Certainly, there are differences of opinion…

Source : Bitcoinist